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British Standard Pipe - BSP


BSP = British Standard Pipe, or BSPP = British Standard Parallel Pipe, or BSPF = British Standard Parallel Fixed.

This thread needs a gasket or seal to be gas/liquid tight.

BSP (British Standard Pipe) Thread Data

Angle of thread = 55°

BSP Thread Profile

Nominal Size
T P IPitch
Major Diameter
Minor Diameter
Tapping Drill Size
1/16280.03570.3040.2583Letter drill G
(6.6 mm)
1/8280.03570.3830.337211/32 inch
(8.73 mm)
1/4190.05260.5180.454611.8 mm
(0.4646 inch)
3/8190.05260.6560.588615.25 mm
(0.6004 inch)
1/2140.07140.8250.73363/4 inch
(19.05 mm)
5/8140.07140.9020.810621 mm
(0.8268 inch)
3/4140.07141.0410.949624.5 mm
(0.9646 inch)
7/8140.07141.1891.097628.25 mm
(1.1122 inch)
1 inch110.09091.3091.192630.75 mm
(1.2106 inch)